Notified Resource Consent Applications

Below is a list of recent resource consents that are going through a publicly notified process:

For more information on the consents listed below, please contact a Council Planner on 0800965 468 or

If a resource consent is deemed to be publicly notified, you can make a submission if you wish, supporting or opposing the proposal within 20 working days of the application being notified.

Submission Form

Resource Consents Open for Submission

RC 185188 - ETC Media Limited, 636 Lineside Road, Rangiora

The application is to erect and operate a two sided digital billboard at 636 Lineside Road, Rangiora, where the required setbacks from Lineside Road and High Voltage Transmission lines will not be provided, advertising displayed will not be site related; and permitted height and display area is exceeded. The two digital billboards will be 6m long by 3m high fixed to poles such that the lower edge of the billboards will be five metres above ground level, with a corresponding maximum height above ground of 8 metres. The billboards will be joined at an apex adjacent to Lineside Road, widening to form a ‘v’ angled to face north-west and south-east.

Images will be displayed on the billboard 24 hours per day seven days per week and will not relate to the activity on the site (car sales) within which it is located. An inbuilt light sensor will control light levels relative to background ambient light levels. The billboards will be located on the road boundary and therefore within the required 10 metre setback, and will be 26 metres from the high voltage transmission lines and therefore within the required 32 metre setback.

The proposal site is 636 Lineside Road, Rangiora, legally described as Lot 2 DP 56388.  The proposal is a Non Complying activity under the Waimakariri District Plan and is zoned Business 2 in the Waimakariri District Plan.


Recent Notified Resource Consents

RC 185318 - Peter Mulligan, 19 and 23 Jacksons Road, Ohoka

To erect a dwelling at 23 Jacksons Road, Ohoka (Lot 3 DP 81869) which is held together in a single Certificate of Title with 19 Jacksons Road, Ohoka (Lot 2 DP 81869) containing an existing dwelling.  The proposal will result in two dwellings utilising a non-reticulated water supply and being established on one site with a total area of 4.61 hectares.  The proposal is a non-complying activity under the Waimakariri District Plan and is zoned Rural in the Waimakariri District Plan.

Important Note

This proposal was first lodged with Council back in 2016 as a combined subdivision and land use applications.  After subsequent correspondence and meetings, Mr Mulligan has withdrawn his subdivision application and as such this application is only for Land Use (to erect a dwelling) on Lot 3 DP 81869 (known as 23 Jacksons Road).

What Happens If Your Application Receives a Submission?

The Council encourages applicants and submitters to communicate directly to discuss any concerns and identify ways in which those concerns can be addressed.

If those concerns cannot be resolved, the Council may arrange a pre-hearing meeting or refer the parties to mediation. This is an opportunity to clarify and potentially resolve any concerns. If that doesn't succeed, a public hearing will be held to decide on your application.

For more information on the process of notification on resource consents, please see link below.

Notification on Consents.