Compliance Schedules

If a building contains certain safety and essential systems as a result of building work, such as sprinklers, emergency lighting or fire alarms, a compliance schedule will be issued by the Council. It details the inspection maintenance and reporting of the specified systems to ensure that the owners are keeping the building safe.

Anyone who receives a compliance schedule for the first time also receives a statement from the Council, which is a temporary public notification of compliance with the schedule requirements. It is replaced in a years’ time, and then each year after that, by the Building Warrant of Fitness.

How Do I Get a Schedule?

For new buildings a compliance schedule is issued at the same time as your Code Compliance Certificate.

You may need to apply for an amendment to the existing compliance schedule if you are upgrading the building or systems, completing a change of use or doing any alterations that require a building consent.

If any specified systems are being altered, removed or added as part of the proposed building work in a building consent application, a separate application to amend the compliance schedule is not required.

How Do I Amend My Schedule?

If you are the building owner, you can apply for an amendment at any time. Please complete and return the Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule form.

An independently qualified person (IQP), who may also be a Licensed Building Practitioner, can recommend an amendment that can be submitted with the Building Warrant of Fitness.

Last reviewed date: 02 Aug 2023