Plans, Reports & Strategies

Plans & Strategies

Council has adopted a number of strategies and plans which set out the vision, objectives, projects and steps to achieve outcomes related to specific issues.


A range of surveys and other research projects are undertaken by the Council. The results of these contribute to various aspects of Council policy-making, including the Council's Long Term Plan and the District Plan.

Reports are produced each quarter to track residential and business growth in the District.  They have a particular focus on the District's  main centres for business: Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Woodend, Pegasus and Oxford.

The reports monitor growth in population and the housing sector, economic data helps to track spending, while Gross Domestic Product and unemployment rates help us understand how the Waimakariri District is performing on a national and regional level.

Community Surveys explores the attitudes of Waimakariri District residents about aspects of their community and environment. Undertaking this survey helps Council to meet its obligations under the Resource Management Act 1991 to undertake state of the environment reporting. The responses also contribute to knowledge of community priorities and residents’ views of topical issues.

Issues surveys seek community views about a range of other issues such as 'likes', 'dislikes' and changes 'wanted' and 'not wanted', and other possible issues that pertain to the local area.

To view earlier reports, please contact Customer Services on 0800 965 468 or email

The Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022 is the tenth in a series of three-yearly surveys carried out by the Council since 1992.

The purpose of the survey is to obtain customer perceptions about the range of services provided by Council and any changes people would like to see made.

The results are statistically representative of the District’s population as a whole.

Please Note: Due to a significant change in methodology (and therefore sample) for undertaking the 2022 survey, the results are not directly comparable (or trend-able) with results from previous survey runs. However, some general comparisons are able to be made for some questions, with caution.

The Key Findings Public Facing document is a summary of all the findings, the Research report by Opinions market research LTD is an analysis of all the findings.

To view earlier survey reports, please contact Customer Services on 0800 965 468 or email

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Last reviewed date: 06 Aug 2023