Algal Blooms

Environment Canterbury monitor over 100 recreational sites in Canterbury during summer months. If there is an increased risk of cyanobacteria a health warning will be issued for the site by Te Mana Ora Community and Public Health.

Make sure you check Can I Swim here? before you jump in and know what to look for so you can keep the whole family safe.

Keeping Dogs Safe From Potentially Toxic Algae

Our canine friends are most at-risk of harmful effects of cyanobacteria. The musty smell attracts dogs and it only takes a small amount being ingested to have fatal consequences.

Make sure you know what to look for so you can avoid it, and if in doubt, stay out and well away from the water.

Te Whatu Ora Public Health Alerts

Public health alerts concerning potentially toxic algal blooms in Canterbury waterways are issued by Te Whatu Ora. Check their Media Releases page for public health alerts. We endeavor to republish these on our news page wherever relevant to the Waimakariri District.

Last reviewed date: 09 Jan 2024