Health & Safety

To work for us, we need to know that you can work safely.

We've committed to using SiteWise to help assess the health and safety commitment of potential contractors when we select them to work with us.

SiteWise is an online contractor pre-qualification system that grades a contractor's Health and Safety capability and makes it available to principal and main contractor organisations during the tendering process.

How does it work?

Anyone wishing to be considered for contract work at the Council will need to complete the SiteWise online questionnaire regarding their health and safety systems.

The questionnaires are independently assessed by SiteWise's qualified health and safety professionals.

It's easy to register, and we are available to help guide you to get started.

What are the benefits?

Show your commitment to health and safety

Higher grades mean you can better demonstrate your commitment to good health and safety practices to potential work providers.

See your business's health and safety performance at a glance

Achieve assessment results which are recorded in a traffic light grading system in the database, making it easier for principals and main contractors to see your businesses performance at a glance.

See how your business measures up

Access independent and cost effective advice on how your business health and safety procedures stack up, and how you can improve your practices quickly and easily.

Saving time saves money

Assessment results are valid for a year, so you can avoid having to provide evidence of health and safety systems, processes and competence on a project-by-project basis, saving you time.

What if I am already registered and assessed by another pre-qualification provider?

Waimakariri District Council will accept alternative forms of health and safety pre-qualification, so long as they include an external audit of the contractor's health and safety systems, and are recognised as having industry credibility.

For more information contact:

Katrina Blake
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager
Phone: 0800 965 468

Last reviewed date: 07 Jun 2024