Migrants & Newcomers

Welcoming Communities

Led by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) in partnership with the Ministry of Ethnic Communities and the Human Rights Commission, Welcoming Communities works towards healthier, happier and more productive communities by welcoming, supporting and involving newcomers. It centres on an eight-pillar framework:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Connected and Inclusive Communities
  • Civil Engagement and Participation
  • Welcoming Communications
  • Welcoming Public Spaces
  • Equitable Access
  • Economic and Business Development
  • Culture and Identity

Welcoming Communities is a means to build understanding between newcomers and long-term residents, celebrate diversity and attract people who can apply their unique skills, talents and experience to create more vibrant communities across the district.

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Migrants and newcomers are a key part of our community. We want all newcomers to feel welcomed and empowered to get the very best outcomes.

We understand that settling into a new country is a big step and it can take time to adjust to a new language, culture and community. The Migrants Group works closely with a number of agencies and organisations that support migrants, and is here to help people settle into their new community and find groups and activities of interest to them.

The group’s vision, mission, purpose and goals are:

Vision: All cultures are respected and everyone has a sense of belonging
Mission: People see themselves reflected and represented in the community
Purpose: To facilitate inclusion and equal opportunity for all cultures


  • Migrants and support agencies are engaged and lead or assist with initiatives
  • People of all cultures are empowered to lead and achieve their aspirations
  • People of all cultures are informed about issues and opportunities that affect them
  • People have opportunities to engage in cross-cultural connection
  • People have increased understanding and awareness of other cultures.

Global Locals of Waimakariri

Global Locals of Waimakariri is a group that celebrates diversity. Their role is to foster a greater understanding of different cultures and what it’s like moving to New Zealand. A number of group members have immigrated to New Zealand, and also includes Kiwis.

They showcase international cultures through holding multicultural events, international themed cooking classes, and a monthly social gathering.

The group is a good link to help migrants settle into the community and get to know people and make new friends.

If you are;

  • new to the Waimakariri District
  • from overseas
  • a Kiwi keen to explore different cultures
  • curious to explore the cultural makeup of Waimakariri

The GLOW group would love to meet you!  Have a look at the GLOW  brochure

For further information contact Carolyn Boswell on 0800 965 468 or email carolyn.boswell@wmk.govt.nz

Last reviewed date: 26 Mar 2024