Here you can find out more about the projects in the five regeneration areas in Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki.

The Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan contained proposed land uses and activities for the five regeneration areas in Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki, including new parks and reserves, walking and cycling tracks, BMX track, a dog park, provision for heritage and mahinga kai activities, mixed business use areas, roads and infrastructure sites, and rural activities.

This has been a multi-year project to deliver the many projects identified in the Recovery Plan and this work continues.

Kaiapoi Community Hub

Council is developing a site in the Kaiapoi South Regeneration Area as a community hub. Community hubs are flexible spaces that can be used for different recreation, arts and hobby activities, and social and cultural activities.

To develop the site, Council would provide service connections (such as water and power), perimeter fencing, some car parking and vehicle access only.  It would be the community groups responsibility to provide a building for their activities.

Find out more about the Community Hub here

Norman Kirk Park 

This is a large multi use sports and recreation reserve that includes softball diamonds, a number of sports grounds for various codes as well as changing faculties and parking.

It's also home to the Honda Forest, a dog park, BMX track, play area and events space and will meet the current and future recreational needs of Kaiapoi.

Kaiapoi Food Forest

Through the community consultation for the Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan, the Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area allows for the opportunity for edible landscapes, such as a community food forest.

Heritage & Mahinga Kai Area

This is a space that will celebrate tradtional Maori customs. It will promote learning and recreational opportunities like waka carving and harekeke harvesting, walking, cycling and native planting alongside natural play elements

Kaiapoi River Pontoon

Kaiapoi River was the centre of a lot of activity recently, when eleven pontoon sections were transported by truck to the river edge.

Kaiapoi Marine Precinct

The Kaiapoi Marine Precinct Plan was developed out of the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes and took a long term view of developing the Kaiapoi River as a community focus.

Kaiapoi Riverview Terraces & Boardwalk

The Kaiapoi Riverview Terraces and boardwalk were completed in February 2019. In addition to the creation of terraces on the riverbank in front of the private hospitality development, a boardwalk now links the town centre to the riverside walkway leading south, and a small pontoon has been installed at the east end of the rock wall (near the Coastguard building).

Boat Ramp Pontoon

This is the first pontoon installation in an area of the river soon to be known as the ‘Marine Precinct.’

Kaiapoi River Navigation Channel Dredging

Six sections of the Kaiapoi River between the Williams Street bridge and the Waimakariri confluence are to be dredged.

Kaiapoi East Road Upgrades

The upgrade of retained roads in the Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area.

Beswick Stormwater Management Area - Wetlands

The wetlands in Kaiapoi's Beswick Stormwater Management area are taking shape with plantings of lowland swamp plants over the edges and mounds of the 180 by 65 m pond.

Kaiapoi East - New Road Link

Construction of the new road link between Feldwick Drive and Cass Street in the Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area started on 1 February 2018 and was opened to traffic on 6 August 2018. Now known as 'Feldwick Drive', all works in the area (and nearby streets) is expected to be completed at the end of September 2018.

Dudley Drain Repairs and Enhancement

Work started in late March 2018 to repair and enhance Dudley Drain in the Kaiapoi West Regeneration Area and was completed late April 2018. Planting will be undertaken in May / June 2018.

Kaiapoi East Infrastructure

A new water trunk main, new and replacement sewer mains will be installed and a new wastewater pump station will be built in the Kaiapoi East regeneration area.

Courtenay Drive Infrastructure

Work began in early May 2017 to install two new wastewater pump stations adjacent to Courtenay Drive, along with 300m of gravity sewer, 400m of sewage pumping main and some stormwater pipes.

Here you can find out more about the development of the Recovery Plan, it's implementation and the community participation strategy.

Last reviewed date: 06 Aug 2023