Annual Plan

What is an Annual Plan?

Annual Plans are prepared in the years between each Long Term Plan (LTP). These plans set out what we propose to do that year, how much it will cost and how we will fund it.

Once the LTP is in place, the Annual Plan process continues, but the focus is on year-to-year budgets.

The Annual Plans produced in the intervening years support the Long Term Plan, and their primary purpose is to provide the base for setting and assessing rates.

Annual Plan 2023/24
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The 2023/24 Annual Plan

The plan lays out a responsible budget which will allow council to continue to deliver a high level of service, while also keeping rates increases to a minimum.

Council has committed to a rates increase of 6.24 % which is slightly higher than the proposed rate of 5.97% in the Draft Annual Plan. However, it still sits significantly lower than the inflation rate of 6.7% (formerly 7.2% at the time the Annual Plan was drafted). It also means our District has had one of the lowest rates increases in the country.

The reason for the rates rise is because Council has decided to fully fund the shortfall of $220k to the unsubsidised roading maintenance budget. The majority of respondents to the Annual Plan requested Council fully fund the gap.

Central Government funding, through Waka Kotahi’s contribution is capped and does not take account of inflation. The addition of the $220k to the budget took the total average rate up to 6.24%.

Road maintenance is high on the priority list for residents and the Council wants to ensure it keeps up and meets those expectations. Council has also recently employed staff to undertake independent reviews to ensure that all roading work is meeting the quality and specification required in the terms of the contract.

Some of the key issues in the Annual Plan include:

  1. New regulations mean Council must test water supplies more regularly and potentially bring forward planned upgrades to remain chlorine-free
  2. Immediate improvements need to be made to the stormwater network following flooding from extreme weather events
  3. Inflation is affecting roading costs, and more is needed to make sure local roads remain at a high standard.

The Council adopted the Annual Plan at its meeting on 4 July 2023.

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Last reviewed date: 06 Aug 2023