All hearings will be held at Rossburn Receptions, Spark Lane, Rangiora unless otherwise advised.

All submitters who have given notice of their intention to be heard on a hearing topic are entitled to appear at that hearing.

Submitters who did not give notice in their submission form that they wished to be heard, but now do so, can contact the Hearings Administrator, citing the reasons why you now wish to be heard.

The Hearings Administrator will be in touch with all submitters who have requested to be heard. If submitters have particular preferences for the day or time they wish to be heard, the Hearings Administrator will endeavour to accommodate those preferences on a first come, first served basis.

The Hearing Panel have advised that all legal submissions and any other written presentations that are longer than three A4 pages in length should be provided in electronic form to the Hearings Administrator, no less than five working days before the commencement of the relevant hearing.

The Hearing Panel have advised that submitters have the option of presenting written representations on the day of the hearing, and reading it aloud, provided it is not longer than three A4 pages in length. If submitters have not sent any written material to the Hearings Administrator electronically prior to the hearing, they need to bring 10 copies of any written material to the hearing and supply an electronic copy to the Hearings Administrator, within two working days of completing their presentation.

The Hearing Panel have advised that unless you specifically ask for longer time, you will generally be allocated no more than 15 minutes to speak. This is because the Hearing Panel will already have pre-read your submission, along with all pre-circulated material. If you do want to have longer than 15 minutes, you will need to make a request to the Chair, via the Hearings Administrator, for additional time to be allocated, with reasons.

Even if your verbal presentation is going to be short, it is helpful to prepare a written statement, as it will help you to focus on the key issues and help the Hearing Panel concentrate on listening to you. It does not need to be typed out, as long as its legible.

Where a submitter or their representative is unable to attend the hearing for a particular topic, they may choose to table written material in support of their submission. Such written material must be provided to the Hearings Administrator not later than the last day of the hearing concerned. Submitters should be aware that tabled evidence may be given less weight because the Hearing Panel has been unable to ask questions of the witness/submitter/representative.

The Hearing Panel have advised that following the completion of a hearing, they will not accept additional material on the matters that were the subject of the hearing, other than in exceptional circumstances.

It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes before you are due to speak.

There is no food or drink available for purchase on site.

Last reviewed date: 23 Apr 2024