Mobile Shops or Fundraising

Mobile shops selling food must comply with the requirements set out in the Food Act 2014 and need to have current registration with Waimakariri District Council or any other council.

If you are considering running a sausage sizzle for fundraising (who doesn't love a Bunnings style snag!) check out MPI's hot tips for a successful sausage sizzle.

Hand Washing and Cleaning for Stall Holders

A simple system for providing a hand-wash facility can be made using a chair, a 20 litre container for the water supply and a bucket under to catch the waste.

You should also bring hot water (minimum 2 litre thermos) if you need to wash any greasy items or if you need warm water to wash your hands. Also bring enough utensils to last the duration of the event.

To clean food contact surfaces you can use proprietary food surface cleaners in a plastic bottle with spray nozzle and a paper towel.

Tips for Improving Food Safety

There are simple practices that any food operator can adopt to improve food safety:

  • Use separate chopping boards for raw and cooked foods and adequately clean them to prevent cross-contamination
  • Properly cover food in fridges to prevent contamination. Be especially careful to ensure juice from raw meat doesn't spill onto cold meats, cheese and vegetables
  • Keep fridge temperatures at a maximum temperature of 4 degrees Celsius to stop bacteria from flourishing
  • Store hot food at temperatures over 60 degrees Celsius.

For help with your application or with any queries please call the Council on 0800 956 468 (0800 WMK GOV) or contact the Environmental Service Unit on

Last reviewed date: 29 Nov 2023