Code Compliance Certificate

A Code Compliance Certificate is a formal statement from the Council ensuring that your building work complies with your building consent, as per Section 95 of the Building Act 2004.

If you don’t have this it may cause issues with your bank releasing final payments to your builder, increasing your insurance cover or selling your house.

Building owners, occupiers or controllers must ensure any building work that affects a public premises has a Code Compliance Certificate, Certificate for Public Use or Certificate of Acceptance before the site of the building work is used by members of the public.

How to Apply

You must apply using the Code Compliance Certificate Application Form after all building work in the consent has been completed. The application and supporting documents must be sent to

The application must include:

  • Evidence of ownership – if they have changed from the building consent, if the consent is granted for a building on land subject to natural hazards or if the consent is granted for a building constructed on two or more allotments. Evidence of ownership can be a record of the title, a signed copy of the sales and purchase agreement or a document showing the full name of the legal owner e.g. Waimakariri District Council rates invoice
  • Details of authority from the owner if an agent of an owner is applying for the certificate
  • Details of the people who completed the work, including registration numbers if applicable
  • Certificates relating to any gas fitting or prescribed electrical work completed

The building consent authority has 20 working days to decide whether to issue the certificate, following either the application being submitted or the expiration of the agreed period since the building consent was granted (if no certificate application has been made).

While your application is being processed the Council can request further information. If so, the processing timeframe is put on hold and restarted once all of the information has been received.

Last reviewed date: 02 Aug 2023