Apply for Alcohol License

If you want to sell and supply alcohol, you must hold a current alcohol licence. Find out about the different types of licences below including how to apply for a licence, or renew or change an existing licence.

Changes, Renewals and Pre-application Meetings

Changes to your business may require a variation to your licence conditions.

Examples of this are:

  • Extending your trading hours and/or layout
  • Changing the size of your licensed premises
  • New outdoor area
  • Changing the nature of your business.

Please talk to the licensing inspectors early in your business planning stage before you make any changes to your business operation or premises so we can assist you through this process.

Apply to Change Your Licence

You can request a variation of cancellation of conditions of licence form.

Lodgement Meeting

To file your change for variation application you need to make an appointment for a lodgement meeting with an Inspector. Please ring us on 0800 965 468 to arrange a convenient time.

All on licences, off licences and club licences must be renewed after an initial 12-month period and every three years thereafter.

We send out reminder notices and application forms two months before the licence is due for renewal. The licensee is responsible for lodging the application for renewal of the licence at least 20 working days before the expiry date.

You can request changes to your licence conditions as part of the renewal. If making changes to how you are operating your business, please make an appointment with an inspector at the Waimakariri District Council to discuss before you file your application.

Discuss your proposed new premises with a Licensing Inspector before applying for any new licence or a variation to a licence.

To do so book a time by emailing the council on or by calling 0800 965 468 (0800 WMK GOV).

Objecting to an Alcohol Licence Application

A person can only object to the grant of a licence if that person has a greater interest in the application for the licence than the public generally.

You would be considered to have a greater interest if you lived within 1 kilometre of the proposed premises, operated a business or organisation close to the premises, or had some other close connection with the proposed premises.

Information on objecting to an alcohol licence can be found on the website.

An objection must be in writing and filed with the Waimakariri District Licensing Committee within 25 working days after the first publication of the public notice of the making of the application.

Objection to Alcohol Licence Form

This form is for objecting to an application for a new alcohol licence, or the renewal of an existing alcohol licence, or the variation of the conditions of an existing licence.


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