Planning Guidance & Pre-Application Services

Pre-application meetings are a good opportunity to facilitate communication between applicants and the Council regarding the proposed activity or building work.

During pre-application meetings our Team can discuss District Plan requirements, processes, relevant documents required with your application, cost and other consents that may be required, i.e building consent.

We recommend you take your own minutes during the pre-application meeting. The views and opinions expressed by Council Planning staff in or following a pre-application meeting are those officers’ initial views, which are made in good faith and without prejudice, on the applicant’s proposal. The Council does not take any legal liability or responsibility of any information or views communicated as part of the pre-application process. Once lodged the application will be assessed against the requirements of the Resource Management Act 1991 and District Plan. We also recommend, to seek your own professional planning and/ or legal advice when making any application for consent.

The Council’s pre-application service is available weekdays between 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Due to the volume of enquiries, we may not be able to accommodate ‘walk-in’ requests, we recommend arranging a time in advance to ensure that we are available to meet. To arrange a time fill in your details below.

Please note: Pre-application meetings are confidential and information about these meetings are not disclosed to other parties. However, all resource consent applications become public information once lodged with Council and can be requested through the email our email address

Pre-Application Meeting - Planning

Last reviewed date: 03 Aug 2023