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Civil Defence Emergency Management Volunteers

Within the Waimakariri District we have many dedicated and skilled volunteers who train on a regular basis to respond to an emergency. Teams vary in size, age, shape and skill, but all have a part to play in helping the community.

NZRT-12 is our Waimakariri-based response team. This team trains weekly, and is highly specialised, with a variety of search and rescue skills in fields such as Welfare, Communications, Flood Response and Swift Water Response. Further information on the NZRT-12 can be found on the Civil Defence website or the NZRT-12 team's Facebook page.

There is one welfare team based in the Waimakariri District. The welfare team trains once a month to ensure a welfare centre can be established during an emergency to receive people from the community needing assistance of some kind. Welfare centres register people needing assistance, and can provide help with accommodation, clothing, food (catering), pets, information and other kinds of support.

The Operation Support Team gather information about local damage/ issues and provide physical assistance to those in need. They support the Community Hubs and other volunteer teams as needed.

Volunteers who turn up when a disaster happens and offer to help are largely used for tasks that don’t require training (such as other volunteer roles within the Civil Defence structure). During the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, volunteers assisted with tasks such as silt removal from private properties and delivering information brochures to residents.

There are many ways businesses can be involved with responding to an emergency. During past emergencies businesses have offered their skill, expertise and resources to help their community. If you are a business owner and wish to register your potential assistance for the future, contact Waimakariri Civil Defence on 03 311 8900.

To get involved please touch base with:

Brennan Wiremu
Emergency Management Advisor
Cellphone: 021 480 829

Last reviewed date: 05 Mar 2024