Tanker Fill Points

The process for applying for and using fire hydrants for the purpose of filling water tankers has changed.

When someone fills from one of our standard hydrants there is a risk that they may inadvertently contaminate the water supply if the correct equipment is not used. To reduce this risk, the Council has installed seven dedicated ‘Tanker Filling Points’ throughout the district with the purpose of providing water for construction activities. These Tanker Filling Points have permanent backflow prevention devices installed. This ensures that the water supplies will remain protected, without requiring that Contractors provide their own hydrant upstand with built in backflow prevention.

It is important to note that no other fire hydrants may be used, other than the seven dedicated tanker filling points, without explicit permission being granted by Council.

Tanker Filling Points

Apply for Use

If you wish to use these new filling points please apply for a Permit to Use Tanker Filling Points. Once approved a 12 month permit to use the dedicated Tanker Filling Points will be granted, which can be re-applied for annually.

Last reviewed date: 06 Aug 2023