Backflow Prevention

Backflow is the unplanned reversal of liquid/contamination from your property into the Council's potable water supply system.

The Council's Backflow Prevention Policy (see the related link below) could affect your business or property, depending on the types of activities that are undertaken.

Examples of activities which may require backflow prevention are:

  • you use water for washing equipment that has been exposed to chemicals
  • you mix water with other substances on your property
  • you have a secondary water supply on your property.

If any of these  apply, the Council may require backflow prevention devices to be installed at your property boundary. If a backflow surveyor finds there is a backflow hazard from activities on your property then a backflow prevention device would be required at your boundary to protect the public water supply.

Some examples of potential backflow hazards on your property could be:

  • washing contaminated equipment, vehicles or machinery
  • operating appliances that require a high water pressure
  • cross connection of your private water supply (e.g. well/tank) to pipes that are also connected to the public supply.
Last reviewed date: 09 Aug 2023