Heritage Contestable Fund

The Heritage Contestable Fund financially assists owners of historic heritage items listed in the Proposed District Plan, to encourage and assist with work that benefits the heritage values of these sites.

A growing number of landowners are protecting and restoring heritage sites on their private land. The Heritage Contestable Fund was established to encourage and assist private landowners to carry out this work which benefits heritage values.

The Fund is a contestable fund which is assessed and approved throughout the year by the Council’s District Planning and Regulation Committee. Council staff, with expert advice where necessary, will make recommendations to the Committee.

There is a variable amount available in this Fund, which will be distributed amongst successful applicants. If there are no other applications or appropriate projects, the fund may not necessarily be distributed either in whole or in part.

The Heritage Contestable Fund Application form provides further details on how to apply for this funding.

Last reviewed date: 09 Aug 2023