Child Safety

Waimakariri District Council partner with local organisations to deliver child safety events in our community.

Teddy Stays out of Trouble

This event, delivered in partnership with Plunket, St Johns, NZ Fire Service and Police offers a fun family outing during KidsFest each winter holidays. There is entertainment, information and prizes for parents and children, along with safety tips and resources to help them (like Teddy) stay safe both at home and out and about in our district.

Paracetamol Dosing

We offer, through local pharmacies, a guide for parents on the safe and appropriate use of paracetamol for children. A large number of children across the country are hospitalised each year due to paracetamol poisoning.

The Great Fairy Hunt

Waimakariri District Council partner with local business “Beyond the Faerie Tree” to deliver a winter family adventure during KidsFest. This event encourages families outdoors and in to our parks for a device free, nature filled outdoor adventure.

Last reviewed date: 04 Aug 2023