Alcohol Related Harm Prevention


The prevention of Alcohol and Drug Harm Waimakariri steering group are committed to promoting Safe and Responsible use of Alcohol and Drugs in our Communities and/or Focus on Harm Minimisation.

Activities Include:
  • Facilitation of the steering group and the associated initiatives.
  • Seminars and promotion around the effects of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Host responsibility promotions
Current Projects:

The prevention of Drug and Alcohol Harm Waimakariri steering group have recently hosted a forum to gather feedback and impute on our Action Plan on Drug and Alcohol harm. We have updated the plan to reflect the feedback.

Waimakariri Community Action Plan on Alcohol and Drug Harm 2021

For information and resources about alcohol-related harm go to

For more information and resources about drug-related harm go to

Staff Contact:
Alyssa Bright
Phone: 0800 965 468

Last reviewed date: 28 Nov 2023