Rangiora Airfield information

The Rangiora Airfield is owned and operated by the Waimakariri District Council with the assistance of the Rangiora Airfield Advisory Group.


Rangiora Airfield (NZRT) is situated 3NM WNW of Rangiora township on Merton Road, and has three grass strips.


Jet A1 and Avgas 100 are available with Swipecard.

Casual Users

Landing charges are $10.00 for casual. Books of vouchers are available for casual users from the Rangiora Service Centre, 215 High Street, Rangiora, phone 0800 965 468. A book of five vouchers costs $50.

Vouchers are also available at the Airfield parts shop during opening hours.

Runway Lighting

None of the runways have lighting.

Airfield Health and Safety

The policies and procedures required for the safe and effective management of the Rangiora Aerodrome for all users are outlined in the Rangiora Airfield Safety Manual 2020

Runway Safety

Runway safety is everyone's responsibility. We ask all users to help us to minimise runway incursions by keeping pedestrians away from the operational areas, particularly the runways, and to keep dogs on leads at all times.

Hangars at Rangiora Airfield

Currently there are approximately 90 hangars at the airfield. All hangars are privately owned and built on land leased from the Council.

Note: not all hangars are suitable for helicopters - please check with the Council.

Remotely Controlled Aircraft (Drones)

The Council has adopted a policy that allows remote controlled aircraft to be flown within 11 of our District's larger parks, subject to conditions. Remote controlled aircraft are not allowed to be flown at the Rangiora Airfield.

Available download:
Rangiora Area Drone Use Application Form (pdf, 204.7 KB)

Please email to office@wmk.govt.nz or drop in to any of the WDC customer services offices.


For further information relating to the Rangiora Airfield contact the Council.

For information about the Rangiora Airfield Advisory Group contact the Chairman, Steve Noad, at stevenoad@xtra.co.nz.