This is a low impact and high energy form of exercise. It is great for non-swimmers, anyone nursing an injury and general fitness.

We offer three different programmes, pricing is available in the Aquarobics Brochure.


This class offers a low to medium intensity workout ideal for beginners, seniors and those recovering from injury. It aims to improve core stability, coordination, agility, muscular strength and overall flexibility with the use of equipment. It’s a fun and friendly way to learn aquarobic exercise.

  • Intensity: Low-Medium
  • Equipment: Yes


This class caters for all fitness levels. It is a deep water work out with the aid of a flotation belt. It is a no impact class, but still challenging and requires no swimming skills.

  • Intensity: Low-Medium
  • Equipment: Yes


This class offers a medium to high intensity workout to improve core stability, agility, muscular strength and overall flexibility. It is technique based with the use of equipment.

  • Intensity: Medium High
  • Equipment: Yes

Aquarobics Class Timetables

Dudley Park Aquatic Centre

9amAqua-Combo Aqua-Ease Aqua-Combo Aqua-Jogging Aqua-Ease Aqua-Combo
12noon   Aqua-Ease  
7pm Aqua-Jogging (7:15 pm) Aqua-Combo  Aqua-Combo   

Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre

9.30am Aqua-Ease Aqua-Combo Aqua-Ease Aqua-Combo Aqua-Combo   
7pmAqua-Combo  Aqua-Combo