Youth Council

Youth Council provides a mechanism whereby the needs and aspirations of young people can be bought to the attention of the Council and community and be translated into action.

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Youth Council meets every month on the last Tuesday of the month.


  • Identify and communicate to the District Council the interests and preferences of the youth of the Waimakariri in relation to:
    • the content of the strategies, policies, plans and bylaws of the District Council,
    • any matter that the Youth Council considers to be of particular interest or concern to the youth of the Waimakariri.
  • Advise the Mayor, Council, Community Boards and Ward Advisory Boards, in relation to processes and mechanisms for engagement with young people in the Waimakariri District.
  • Consider any regional issues raised by local young people.
  • To engage with youth and the community through a range of platforms.
  • To advocate and advance the Waimakariri Youth Development Strategy.

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Below are some of the most recent Youth Development reports for your information: