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One of the key themes in the Waimakariri District's Community Development Strategy was to support the volunteer sector to increase its capacity and capability.

There has been a lot of research developed around the volunteer experiences and their capacity in light of the impact of the earthquakes on the wider community. The "State of Volunteering in New Zealand Report" produced by Volunteering New Zealand, provides some key facts nationally in relation to the importance of volunteers in the sector stating that two-thirds of the non-profit sector workforce is made up of volunteers and their contribution is valued at over $3.3 billion. Their report also states that the majority of volunteer-involving organisations face considerable challenges with volunteer recruitment.

If you would like more information about Volunteering, please contact Wendy Howe, Community Development Facilitator. Ph: 03 311 8900

Workshops for the Volunteer Sector

Upcoming Events

If you have any ideas that could be of value to others in the community please contact Wendy Howe.

Past Events

All About Funding Series

This series of three events was organised in partnership by Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), Social Services Waimakariri (SSW) and Waimakariri District Council (WDC).

  • Hot Tips for Funding Requests - June 2020
    This workshop focused on how to write great funding applications. Trish Hughes from Community Operations, DIA guides participants through the Lottery Community request form with tips on what information to include.
  • Funders’ forum - May 2020
    Representatives from DIA, Rata Foundation and WDC each shared information on current funding opportunities, priorities and how to apply. The forum was facilitated by SSW.
  • Fit for Funding - March 2020
    This workshop discussed the elements needed for an organisation to be fund application ready. Governance structure, well defined vision, purpose, values, planning and policies, meetings, financial controls, evaluation etc. Lead by Trish Hughes, Community Advisor, DIA.

Performance Reviews for Volunteers - February 2020

Understanding the purpose of performance reviews, components of effective performance reviews and creating a performance framework that links to an organisation’s culture.

Presented by Liz Ashton, Council’s Organisational Development and Human Resources Manager.

Health & Safety - September/October 2019

Covered the duties and responsibilities of volunteers and volunteer organisations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Presented by Charlotte Browne, Council’s Health, Safety and Quality Manager