2009 - 2006

Progress Towards Community Outcomes Report 2009

The Progress towards community outcomes report (pdf, 8.0 MB) focuses on the contributions that are being made towards achieving community outcomes by all parties, not just the activities of the Council.

Community Street Review 2008/2009

The Council has undertaken a number of Community Street Reviews of central business areas within the District in order to assess the current environment for walking, and to suggest possible solutions to improve access on foot. Community Street Reviews are assessments of the walkability of a route from  the point of view of users and collect data on safety, functionality of the pedestrian space, ease of road crossings, effects of urban design and other walkability factors.

Kaiapoi town centre community street review 2008/2009pdf, 2.2 MB

Consultation Evaluation and Benchmarking Reports 2008/2009

Waimakariri Irrigation Scheme 2008

The Waimakariri irrigation scheme monitoring report (pdf, 1.3 MB) on the impacts on the District of the introduction of irrigation on the upper Waimakariri-Ashley Plain in 1999/2000.

Residential 4 (rural residential) Zone Survey Report 2006

The Residential 4 (rural residential) zone survey (pdf, 933.4 KB) was conducted to find out what is prompting people to choose to live in one of the district’s Residential 4 zones.

Small-holding Owners Survey Report 2006

The Small-holding owners survey (pdf, 354.0 KB) was conducted to find out what is prompting people to live on relatively small areas of land in the district’s main Rural zone.

Waimakariri District Community Needs Analysis 2006

A companion document to the 2006 Local Services Mapping report prepared by the Ministry of Social Development. The Community needs analysis (pdf, 467.5 KB) is designed to contribute to the Council’s monitoring programme for key Community Outcomes, particularly the statement that 'the community’s needs for health and social services are met'.

Mandeville area Surveys and Reports 2006