Asbestos & Contaminated Soil

Who do I contact/what should I do with asbestos or contaminated soil?


Asbestos fibres can cause health problems if they become airborne and are inhaled. Please don’t take risks with asbestos. If in doubt, seek advice from the Ministry of Health or from WorkSafe.

Contact the Ministry of Health call centre on 03 974 2040 (8am to 5pm) or visit the Ministry of Health asbestos page for more information including removing asbestos from your home.

Contaminated Soil

WorkSafe has information on the Approved Code of Practice: Management and Removal of Asbestos which covers contaminated soil. The WorkSafe website also details the roles and responsibilities for businesses and workers, and if you need a licence.

Freephone on 0800 030 040 (Monday - Thursday 8.30am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 5pm)