Alcohol Licensing Fees & Charges

The following fees are set by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013. All fees are GST inclusive.

Framework for determining cost/risk rating

(Effective from 18 December 2013)

Type of licensed premisesWeighting
Bottle store, supermarket, grocery off-licence15
Night clubs, taverns, adult premises, 'class 1' restaurants15
Off licence in a Tavern10
Hotels, function centres, 'class 1' clubs, 'class 2' restaurants10
'Class 2' clubs, 'class 3' restaurants, other5
Remote sales premises5
Theatres/cinemas, wine cellar doors, BYO restaurants, 'class 3' clubs2
Latest alcohol sales timeWeighting
On licences and clubs before 2.01 am, off licences before 10.01 pm, remote sales0
On licences and clubs 2.01 am- 3.01 am, off licences 10.01 pm and later3
On licences and clubs – all other closing times5
Number of enforcements in the last 18 monthsWeighting


  • Class 1 restaurants – restaurants with a significant separate bar area which, in the opinion of the relevant TA, operate that bar at least one night a week in the nature of a tavern, such as serving alcohol without meals to tables situated in the bar area.
  • Class 2 restaurants – restaurants that have a separate bar (which may include a small bar area) but which, in the opinion of the relevant TA, do not operate that area in the nature of tavern at any time.
  • Class 3 restaurants – restaurants that only serve alcohol to the table and do not have a separate bar area.
  • Class 1 clubs – clubs which, in the opinion of the TA, are large clubs (with 1,000 or more members of drinking age) and which, in the opinion of the relevant TA, operate in the nature of a tavern (for example a large workingmen's club, combined clubs, or large 'cossie' clubs)
  • Class 2 clubs – clubs which do not fit class 1 or class 3 definitions (for example larger sports clubs, medium sized RSAs, many provincial social clubs)
  • Class 3 clubs - clubs which, in the opinion of the TA, are small clubs (with up to 250 members of drinking age) and which operate a bar for 40 hours or less per week (for example small sports clubs like bowling clubs, golf clubs, bridge clubs, and small RSAs)
  • Enforcement – has the same meaning as a 'Holding' under section 288 of the Act, or a previous offence for which a holding may have been issued in the past 4 years (s 297).

Fees category

Total ratingFees category
0 - 2Very low
3 - 5Low
6 - 15Medium
16 - 25High
26 plusVery high

Fee amounts

Fee categoryApplication feeAnnual fee
Very low$368.00$161.00
Very high$1,207.50$1,437.50
The licensee/applicant pays the GST inclusive amount to the DLC – a portions is sent to ARLA

Fees payable for other applications

Application TypeFee
Manager's certificate application$316.25
Temporary authority (section 136 (2))$296.70
Temporary licence (section 74)$296.70
Appeal to ARLA$517.50
Extract of register (ARLA or DLC)$57.50
Permanent Club Charter (annual fee due on 30 June of each year and paid to ARLA)$632.50
Special licence - risk based fees - see note below 
- class 1$575.00
- class 2$207.00
- class 3$63.25

Special licences:

Application fees for special licences will be calculated according to the size and frequency of the event or events covered by the special licence.

Class 1a large event (400+ people), or
more than 3 medium events (100-400 people), or
more than 12 small events (fewer than 100 people)
Class 21-3 medium events (100-400 people), or
3-12 small events (fewer than 100 people)
Class 31 or 2 small events (fewer than 100 people)

Building compliance certificate - Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

Applications for planning and building compliance certificates
Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
Inspections for building compliance certificates
(per hour)

Ministry of Justice - New fee regime