Variation to a Resource Consent

Varying a Resource Consent

The consent holder may apply to the Council to vary or cancel conditions imposed on a decision of a resource consent under Section 127 of the Resource Management Act 1991. An application to change or cancel conditions of consent is treated very similar to a resource consent application.

When Council is processing this type of application, the Planning Officer will assess the scale of the change by comparing the approved activity for which consent was granted and the nature of the proposed changes. If the proposed variation is changing the scope or increasing the scale of the activity, then a new Land use consent (resource consent) will need to be sought.

In making a notification decision, the Council will also consider any person who made a submission on the original application (if original consent was notified).  If affected parties approvals were given on the original consent, these may also require resigning.

How to apply for a condition/s to be varied or cancelled, Council require the following information?

  • An application form for variation to conditions to be completed and signed. Including stating which resource consent your wish to vary and the condition/s set in the resource consent approval you wish to vary or cancel.
  • An Assessment of Environmental Effects (a written assessment on the effects of the change of condition/s, not the effects of the activity already granted).
  • If changing an approved plan/s, Council require a copy of the revised plan/s.
  • A copy of the certificate of title (current within 3 months).
  • Any other supporting documents to help your application.


The application fee is listed under the Council’s fees and charges.

Please note, additional fees will apply if your application goes through a notification process.

Statuary timeframes remain the same as a resource consent process.

If the proposed changes are not significantly different from the approved resource consent (within scope), the decision will be issued within 20 working days of the application being lodged and fees have been paid.

How to lodge your consent?


All resource consent applications may be emailed


Planning Department
Waimakariri District Council
Private Bag 1005
Rangiora 7440

Or handed to:

The Rangiora Service Centre located at 215 High Street, Rangiora

Pre- Application Meeting:

For further information, please discuss with one of our Council Planners. See Pre-Application page...