Land Use Consent

Applying for Land Use Consent

If a rule is breached under the District Plan, resource consent approval is required for the proposed activity. For Council to assess your application, it helps if the relevant information is all provided and the plans are detailed and easy to read for the Council Planner to have a good understanding of your proposed activity when processing your consent. This will help reduce delays, misunderstanding and potential cost.

Preparing your application for Land Use consent (Resource Consent):

If you require Land Use consent:

  • Complete and sign the application form for Land Use Consent approval.
  • Check the District Plan to find which rule/s are breached which is defined by the zone of the property i.e for residential, business or rural. Please state the rule/s breached within your application.
  • Describe your proposal. The amount of information the Council requires will depend on the activity proposed and the scale of that activity.
  • Complete an Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE). Every resource consent application has to have an AEE. This can be done on a separate document, titled Assessment of Environmental Effects.

Please note: ‘A Guide to Preparing a Basic Assessment of Environmental Effects’ is available on the Ministry for the Environment’s website:

  • Identify who might be interested in or affected by your proposed activity and how they might be affected (this might require consultation). Under the RMA, an ‘affected person’ is a person or organisation who the council thinks will experience an adverse effect from your proposal that is "minor" or "more than minor" (but not "less than minor"). A final decision on who is an ‘affected party’ is decided during processing of your application. Please note: If gaining affected persons approval, discuss your proposal with them, show them your application and all owners and occupiers of the property will need to sign Affected Persons form and sign the application plans.
  • Provide plans to support your application i.e site plan – including buildings (proposed and existing), access, car parking, landscaping. Floor plan of the internal layout and elevations of any proposed buildings.
  • A current Certificate of Title (current within 3 months).
  • Consider if you need to employ an expert to help you prepare the information i.e for complex projects like quarries, motels/hotels and larger type commercial developments you may need the commissioning of specialist reports such as traffic and noise reports prepared by a suitably qualified person and project managed by a private planning consultant or for a proposed comprehensive residential development you may like to consult with an urban designer.

How to Submit Your Land Use Consent:


All resource consent applications may be emailed


Planning Department
Waimakariri District Council
Private Bag 1005
Rangiora 7440

Or, handed to the Council:

Rangiora Service Centre located at 215 High Street, Rangiora

Once the decision has been granted, Council will email and post the person/ company that was noted under the ‘address for service’ on the application form.

When a resource consent is granted, it is subject to certain conditions, i.e supplying an Environmental Management Plan. It is the responsibility of the land owner to comply with any conditions set in the resource consent approval. The Council may undertake monitoring, including a phone call or site inspection, to make sure that conditions are complied with.

Note: a resource consent lapses five years after the decision has been issued if the proposal was not given effect to.

Pre- Application Meeting:

For further information, please discuss with one of our Council Planners. See Pre-Application page...