Private Plan Change 30

Ravenswood Developments Limited

OPERATIVE: 26 June 2023

NOTIFIED: 7 November 2020

Waimakariri District Council has accepted for public notification a privately initiated District Plan change request (PC030) from Ravenswood Developments Limited, under clause 25 of the first schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991. Details of the Plan Change are set out below.

This change seeks to rezone approximately 12.8 hectares from Residential 6a to Business 1 (Town Centre Zone) within Ravenswood at North Woodend and provide statutory recognition for a Key Activity Centre (KAC), with the stated intent of facilitating some 35,000m2 gross floor area (GFA) of core retail activities.

To enable the above, proposed Private Plan Change PC030 includes a replacement Outline Development Plan to be inserted into the District Plan and also amends the associated maps and inserts or amends rules within the plan.


Application Part 1 - Introduction & AEE

Application Part 2 - Annexure 1 - Economic Assessment



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