Waimakariri Visitor Marketing Strategy

The Waimakariri Visitor Marketing Strategy is a framework that will guide visitor-related promotional activity for the District over the next five years.

It outlines a vision - Encouraging locals and visitors to see the Waimakariri District in a whole new light - inspiring them to enjoy more of our friendly towns and charming countryside – which will support Enterprise North Canterbury and the Waimakariri District’s Council’s efforts in this space.

The Council adopted the Waimakariri Visitor Marketing Strategy 2020-2025 in November 2020, following an engagement process with a range of tourism businesses and organisations.

The Strategy includes thirty five key actions that will guide Enterprise North Canterbury’s promotion efforts as the official promotions agency for the Waimakariri District, and any additional investment into visitor-related assets upgrades by the Waimakariri District Council.

Why do we need a strategy?

The previous Waimakariri District Visitor Strategy expired in 2015, so a new one was required to continue its momentum and respond to new priorities that reflect the district’s growth estimates, current and future developments, and the recent Covid-19 recovery.

The District has experienced significant change over the last ten years resulting in a visitor experience that is more attractive and compelling. With the recent disruption to global tourism as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the focus worldwide on domestic tourism, it’s now more important than ever to identify the opportunities within Waimakariri, such as the rawness of our natural environment coupled with the attractiveness and boutique retail in our town centre. We need to group some of these experiences/products into a cohesive offer that is attractive to visitors, especially the domestic market.

Complementing these opportunities, our population is expected to grow from approximately 60,000 to around 97,000 by 2048. This provides the potential for increased visits from friends and family who could enjoy what we have to offer. The new and revised Strategy will help us to identify key opportunities and to promote them appropriately to our prospective markets.

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How was the Strategy developed?

This Strategy was developed by Quality Tourism Development with support from both the Waimakariri District Council and Enterprise North Canterbury. Additional input was received from a tourism stakeholder reference group that included a range of visitor-facing businesses and organisations. Two stakeholder workshops were held in 2020, where contributors helped to shape the direction and ideas presented in the draft version of the Waimakariri Visitor Marketing Strategy 2020-25.

Following the workshop process, the draft version of the Strategy was presented to the Community Boards and Council for feedback. The Strategy was finalised and officially adopted by the Council on 3 November 2020.

The following October 2020 report from Quality Tourism Development contains much of the underlying research for final Strategy: Waimakariri Visitor Sector Review and Drivers of Future Sustainable Prosperity pdf, 2.2 MB