Airfield fees & charges

Fees effective from 1 July 2018. Fill out an online landing fees payment form.

Ground rental for hangars, per square metre$2.55
Landing fees 
General aviation user charges:         
Single engine aircraft$10.00
Twin engine aircraft$10.00
Low user rate - up to 50 landings per year (invoice annual advance payment)  
Single engine aircraft$200.00
Twin engine aircraft$200.00
Low user rate - up to 100 landings per year (invoice annual advance payment) 
Single engine aircraft$400.00
Twin engine aircraft$400.00
Unrestricted use charges (invoiced monthly) 
Single engine aircraft per month per aircraft$60.00
Twin engine aircraft per month per aircraft$60.00
Helicopter per month per aircraft$60.00
Microlight/home-built per month per aircraft$60.00
Glider per month per aircraft$60.00
Unrestricted use charges (advance annual payment option) 
Single engine aircraft per annum$700.00
Twin engine aircraft per annum$700.00
Helicopter per annum$700.00
Microlight/home-built per annum$700.00
Glider per annum$70.00
Aircraft parking charges for visiting aircraft 
Daily option: 
Single engine aircraft per day$10.00
Twin engine aircraft per day$10.00
Helicopter per day$10.00
Microlight/home-built per day$10.00
Glider per day 
Parking fees not paid through the honesty box will incur a $30 administration fee 
Aircraft parking charges annual payment option - discontinued 


  • Interest charge of 12% per annum will be applied on a daily basis on any charges that remain unpaid at the end of the month of invoicing.
  • Multiple landings on one day for low users for training and skill enhancement training will only be counted as one landing per day.
  • These charges are to be reviewed on an annual basis.