Other animals & insects

It is the responsibility of animal owners to make sure their animals do not create a nuisance to their neighbours.

Farm animals on town sections

It's usually allowed to keep farm animals on town sections - provided the animals are well cared for and are not causing a nuisance to neighbours. Nuisance would be controlled by the Council using the Health Act 1956.

The sort of nuisance that raises concern includes:

  • the animal wandering onto a neighbour's property - adequate fencing is required
  • offensive smells, flies or vermin caused by inappropriate management of the animal
  • loud noise such as a rooster crowing.


The Council discourages people from keeping roosters in the urban area. Roosters’ crowing is frequently a cause of complaints, particularly during early morning hours.

Unwelcome visitors

Bees and wasps

If you have a problem with bees or wasps on your property, you will need to arrange for their removal. The Council doesn't deal with bees or wasps on private land.

If they are nesting on public property we will remove them. We can only do this once a nest has been formed - we can't do anything while bees are swarming.

Bees are being collected by the North Canterbury Bee Club for new bee hives. Members of the club carry swarm collection kits in their vehicles. If you have bees you would like the club to collect contact the North Canterbury Bee Club.

Rats and mice

The Council can offer you advice on how to control rats and mice, but it is the property owner's responsibility to get rid of them, or bring in a pest control company to do the job.


'Mossies' like to turn up uninvited, and can take the fun out of an evening barbecue. Mosquitoes breed in still or slow-moving water - take steps to eliminate the chances of mosquitoes taking up residence in your backyard.

  • Inspect areas for stagnant water
  • Empty buckets and containers
  • Clear guttering
  • Treat swimming pools
  • Keep fish in ponds
  • Remove old containers
  • Drill holes in tyre swings
  • Overturn boats
  • Discuss the problem with neighbours so they can also remove all stagnant water

If you have mosquitoes on your property, when outside and especially in the early evening, wear protective clothing such as long pants and long sleeves, and use mosquito repellent.