Lost & found dogs

If your dog is wearing its registration tag or has been microchipped and is found straying, it can easily be identified and returned to you.

Lost and found dogs

If your dog is missing contact the Council on 0800 965 468 and provide us with a good description of your dog, your dog's microchip number if it has one, and the area in which it strayed. You can also look on the internet to see if your dog has been found, or to post a lost dog notice.

Stray dogs

A dog that appears to be stray may, in fact, be missing or stolen from its home. If a dog has been hanging around your area and you suspect it is a stray, you can contact the Council on 0800 965 468.

Dogs in the pound

When a dog is found wandering, we will always do our best to reunite it with its owner. This is relatively easy if the dog is microchipped or is wearing its registration tag. Dog owners should make sure their address details are kept up-to-date with the Council or let us know if a dog is rehomed.

Contact Animal Control if you think your dog is in the pound. Dogs will only be released from the pound when the impounding fee and any registration fees owing have been paid. Animal Control Officers are at the pound from 9.30 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday for owners to collect their dogs.

If a dog has been in our pound for seven days and has not been claimed, the Council becomes the legal owner. We try to rehome as many dogs as we can. Contact us on 0800 965 468 if you are interested in rehoming one of our unclaimed dogs.