The Waimakariri District currently has approximately 12,000 registered dogs, with 8,000 owners.

Do it online

You can complete the following dog-related payments and updates online:

Dog exercise areas

You can exercise your dog off the leash in dog exercise areas as long as you keep the dog under continuous supervision and control.

Don't forget to take a poo bag to remove your doggy doo. This should be disposed of in the rubbish bin. Failing to pick up after your dog may result in a fine.

Responsible dog ownership

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires the owner of any dog to keep the dog under control at all times. Through responsible dog ownership we not only improve public safety, but we keep the costs of providing the dog control service at current levels.

For further information contact the Animal Control Officers on 0800 965 468.

Dog infringement offences and fines

If you have received an infringement notice this will be because you have breached a provision of the Dog Control Act 1996 or a bylaw made under that Act. Schedule 1 of the Dog Control Act 1996 sets out the offences and infringement fees. For many of these offences the court can impose a higher maximum penalty if the breach is dealt with by a court hearing.


You can pay quickly and easily online. Alternatively, you can also post or deliver your payment to Animal Control. Refer to your infringement notice for details on when you must pay, or if you wish to dispute the notice.

Disputing a fine

If you wish to object to any part of the infringement notice or fee, you should write to Animal Control. Make sure you sign any letter personally.