Taking Care Of Business

The Waimakariri District is a great place to do business. With one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand, we welcome new business initiatives and commercial developments. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to work alongside Council to get your business up and running.

The ENC Business Support Team can connect you to the right information for your business needs including advice, support and information on accessing Government subsidies. Contact the ENC Business Support team at: office@enterprisenc.co.nz. For a list of useful and regularly updated links specific to businesses dealing with COVID-19 visit the ENC COVID-19 page.

Case Management Service

We want to make it easy as possible for you to get your business underway. The Council offers a free case management service for both new businesses, and existing businesses that are expanding or changing in nature. Our service provides a main point of contact for all of your dealings with Council and helps to streamline your project requirements.

Setting up a new business and getting it off the ground can be both exciting and challenging. There are a range of rules and regulations you will need to navigate through before you can open your doors to customers and keep them open. At some point, it’s likely you’ll need some assistance from Council to help your business get started.

By contacting us early in the planning process, we can help you prevent delays and frustrations down the track.

The service:

  • Tells you about all the consents and licences you may need
  • Tells you how long your applications/approvals process may take
  • Tells you the best order to apply for everything
  • Provides internal coordination for your project’s regulatory requirements

To register your interest in this service or to find out more information:

Phone 0800 965 468, email office@wmk.govt.nz or ask about it at the Council’s Service Centre on High Street, in Rangiora.

To learn more about the Council processes you may need to undertake, download the following brochures below:

Enterprise North Canterbury

Business and Investment Support

Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC) provides comprehensive support to businesses at every stage, from those who have a start-up business idea to those seeking to expand. Much of what they offer is free, whether it be one-on-one interviews with their business support team to help you identify what you need to do, the many free resources available through their website, or links to other organisations in New Zealand and worldwide that can assist you.

ENC’s aim is to inspire, retain and attract individuals, business and social enterprises to invest in our District. It is ENC’s role to promote the region as a business destination.

For those looking to invest in the Waimakariri, ENC provide up-to-date economic information about the region on their website and on-request industry relevant information to assist with business and investment decision making. ENC works closely with WDC in order to help businesses get the right advice on consents and council requirements.

ENC offers:

ENC is also contracted by the Waimakariri District Council to promote the district and its activities, attractions and events to visitors through Visit Waimakariri. They also run the Kaiapoi i-SITE to offer district information to locals and visitors. They have an event fund to stimulate local events and promote them widely through the Waimakariri Events page

Business Preparedness and Resilience

If you’re a business owner, it’s important that you prepare for the unexpected. Planning for disturbances, from something as minor as a power cut, right up to a significant natural disaster, can protect your business against the loss of customers or the inability to fully recover.

Business continuity and resilience planning is not as hard as you may think.

Here are some links to help you get started in safeguarding your business against disruption.

Resilient Business
Business Continuity Planning

Plans and Resources

Here’s a list of useful plans and documents relevant to a range of business activities.

Town Centre: