Reserve management plans project

The Council is looking at preparing a number of reserve management plans. These plans help the Council make decisions on the day-to-day management of parks and reserves.

Are parks and reserves the same thing?

Park and reserve essentially mean the same thing - open space. Council sometimes uses the word reserves as it manages the open space under the Reserves Act. Open spaces, however, can be called parks, reserves, domains, squares, grounds, ovals, gardens, strips, accessways, spaces, areas and centres. The name of an open space often reflects its history, size or function. No matter what the name, it is still managed as a reserve.

Council already has a number of reserve management plans. Most of the current reserve management plans need to be updated and we are starting this process now. The district's reserves are grouped into nine categories:

  • Sport and recreation
  • Neighbourhood
  • Nature
  • Recreation and ecological linkages
  • Cultural heritage
  • Civic space
  • Streetscapes
  • Public gardens
  • Outdoor adventure

In general, a management plan will be prepared for each reserve category. Council has recently updated the Sport and Recreation Reserves Management Plan and the Neighbourhood Reserves Management Plan and is currently updating the reserve management plan for recreation and ecological linkage reserves. 

If you have any questions on the management plan process, please contact Michelle Flanagan on 03 311 8900 or email

There are a number of existing reserve management plans and concept plans - these can be found on our Reserve management plans and strategies page.