Equestrian activities

Equestrian activities take place in a number of rural community parks and along the Pegasus Bay Coastal Reserve. Some sites have purpose-built facilities catering for local pony or equestrian club members, while others offer wider use for the general public.

Pegasus Bay Coastal Reserve

The Pegasus Bay Coastal Reserve track network allows casual horse riding along back dunes areas between Kairaki-Pines Beach and Waikuku Beach. Purpose-built horse float parking areas are provided at Waikuku Beach, Woodend Beach and Pines Beach. A free key to access the horse float gate is available from the Rangiora Service Centre. 

Beach accessway maps can be found in the Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw background info on the Bylaws page.

Silverstream Reserve

Silverstream Reserve, near Clarkville, has the Kaiapoi Pony Club located alongside its eastern boundary. Development of a public horse trail through Silverstream is provided for in the Silverstream Reserve Management Plan 2009. The website will be updated when routes are formally established. 

Mandeville Domain

Mandeville Domain is home to the Eyreton Pony Club and Western Riding Club. Facilities are reserved for use by club members, although there is some provision for hire.

Cust Domain 

The Cust Equestrian Group has a fenced area within this large domain. It features a full sized all-weather arena. The domain's pavilion facilities are often used by the group. Access to the facility is available to all members.

View Hill Domain

View Hill Domain is home to the View Hill Pony Club. The club uses the open grassed area and associated facilities for rider training and club rally activities such as jumping and dressage.

Sefton Domain

Sefton Domain is located alongside the small township of Sefton. A 700 m long oval dirt track runs around the outside of the domain and is used for horse training and general riding. Use of this track is available to the public.

Baynons Brake

Baynons Brake provides approximately 10 km of marked horse riding trail. The one directional trail meanders through mixed forest and caters to most riding abilities. There are several horse styles along the way that allow horse and rider to access the river. More information on Baynons Brake is available on the ECan website