Update: Oxford Boil Water Notice Lifted

The boil water notice for Oxford supplies has been lifted this afternoon.

Water from the Oxford Urban & Rural No.2 water supply is now safe to drink, and no longer needs to be boiled before consuming.

The Council has been investigating the cause of the cloudiness of the water and identified an issues with one of the bores at Domain Road. The problem bore has been isolated and is being redeveloped and we expect to bring this back online in another week.

Water is currently being supplied by the secondary bore. The Council is continuing to monitor the source water and there are no water quality issues from this source.

You can read the full formal Lifting of Boil Water Notice here.

7 December

The redevelopment of the bore is underway and progressing well. We anticipate this will be complete by December 8 and we will be able to re-assess the boil water notice then.

The Council is making every effort to bring the well back online as soon as possible and would like to remind the Oxford community to continue conserving water until the work is completed.

29 November

Investigations into the cause of water turbidity for the Oxford Urban & Rural No.2 water supply have identified an issue with one of the bores at Domain Road.

The bore has been isolated and we are undertaking  investigation work on the bore, including removing the pump as well as CCTV inspecting the bore casing.  We plan to redevelop the bore to ensure it is less likely to experience turbidity issues in the future.

This work is expected to continue for a further two weeks, but we will do everything we can to bring this well back online as soon as possible.

During this time, the boil water notice is intended to remain in place.

Please conserve water during this period so we can ensure the continuity of supply while this work is being undertaken.

22 November 2023

Council has issued a precautionary Boil Water Notice for Oxford Urban and Oxford Rural No.2 water supplies.

Please inform any neighbours or friends on the scheme who may not be aware of this notice.

Residents on this supply need to use boiled tap water or store-bought bottled water for drinking, cleaning teeth, making ice, washing dishes and preparing food until further notice. Tap water should be boiled on a rolling boil for one minute.

Stored water and ice should be disposed of. Un-boiled water is fine for showering in,  watering plants, washing cars etc.

The reason for the Notice is turbidity coming from the ground supply.  The Council is in the process of redeveloping the well and installing UV treatment and we believe works related to this may be the cause.

The Boil Water Notice is expected to be in place until the issues are resolved. We are carrying out extensive flushing of the well and will be monitoring turbidity levels closely.

Unsure if you're affected? You can check a live map for Boil Water Notices here.

If you're still unsure please Call 0800 965 468 (0800 WMK GOV) to check.

You can see the formal notice here.

You can see all the water supplies map here.