Meetings Schedule

Upcoming meetings schedules for the Waimakariri District Council, Community Boards, and Committees

Council and Committee meetings are usually held in the Council Chambers, Rangiora Service Centre, 215 High Street, Rangiora.

Ordinary Council meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month at 1 pm. Meetings for the upcoming month are advertised in the Council's Community Noticeboard page of the Northern Outlook as well as on this page.

Meetings of the Council, committees, community boards and ward advisory board are run in accordance with the Council's Standing Orders (pdf, 339.5 KB).


Utilities and Roading Committee - CANCELLED
Location: Function Room, Rangiora Town Hall
26th Oct 2021 03:30 pm

Meeting Recordings

2020 Meeting Recordings

June 2020

2 June 2020Waimakariri District Council
3 June 2020Oxford-Ohoka Comunity Board
8 June 2020Water Zone Committee
8 June 2020Woodend-Sefton Community Board
10 June 2020Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
11 June 2020Land and Water Committee
15 June 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
16 June 2020Mahi Tahi Joint Development Committee
16 June 2020Waimakariri District Council (to adopt Annual Plan)
16 June 2020Community and Recreation Committee

July 2020

6 July 2020Water Zone Committee
7 July 2020Waimakariri District Council
8 July 2020Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
8 July 2020Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
13 July 2020Woodend-Sefton Community Board
20 July 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
21 July 2020Audit and Risk Committee
21 July 2020Utilities and Roading Committee
23 July 2020Multi Sports Facility Steering Group
31 July 2020District Licensing Committee

August 2020

3 August 2020Water Zone Committee
4 August 2020Waimakariri District Council
5 August 2020Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
10 August 2020Woodend-Sefton Community Board
12 August 2020Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
13 August 2020Land and Water Committee
17 August 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
18 August 2020Mahi Tahi Committee
18 August 2020District Planning & Regulation Committee
18 August 2020Community & Recreation Committee
27 August 2020Multi Sports Facility Steering Group

September 2020

1 September 2020Waimakariri District Council
2 September 2020Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
7 September 2020Water Zone Committee
9 September 2020Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
14 September 2020Woodend-Sefton Community Board
15 September 2020Audit & Risk Committee
15 September 2020Utilities & Roading Committee
21 September 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
24 September 2020Multi Sports Facility Steering Group
30 September 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board Extraordinary Meeting

October 2020

5 October 2020Water Zone Committee
6 October 2020Waimakariri District Council
7 October 2020Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
8 October 2020Land and Water Committee
13 October 2020Waimakariri District Council
13 October 2020Woodend-Sefton Community Board
14 October 2020Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
19 October 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
20 October 2020Mahi Tahi Community Board
20 October 2020District Planning and Regulation Committee
20 October 2020Community and Recreation Committee
22 October 2020Multi Sports Facility Steering Group
30 October 2020District Licensing Committee

November 2020

2 November 2020Water Zone Committee
3 November 2020Waimakariri District Council
4 November 2020Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
9 November 2020Woodend-Sefton Community Board
11 November 2020Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
16 November 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
17 November 2020Audit and Risk Committee
17 November 2020Utilities and Roading Committee
26 November 2020Multi-use Sports Facility Steering Group
27 November 2020District Licensing Committee

December 2020

1 December 2020Waimakariri District Council
2 December 2020Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
7 December 2020Woodend-Sefton Community Board
7 December 2020Waimakariri Water Zone Committee
8 December 2020Mahi Tahi Joint Development Committee
9 December 2020Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
10 December 2020Land and Water Committee
14 December 2020Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
15 December 2020Community and Recreation Committee
15 December 2020District Planning and Regulation Committee
17 December 2020Multi-use Sports Facility Steering Group
18 December 2020Utilities and Roading Committee
21 December 2020Waimakariri District Council

2021 Meeting Recordings


26 January 2021Waimakariri District Council - LTP Budget Meeting
Day 1 - Session 1
Day 1 - Session 2
Day 1 - Session 3
Day 1 - Session 4
27 January 2021

Waimakariri District Council - LTP Budget Meeting
Day 2 - Session 1
Day 2 - Session 2
Day 2 - Session 3
Day 2 - Session 4


2 February 2021Waimakariri District Council


5 May 2021Waimakariri District Council LTP Budget
5 May 2021Draft Long Term Plan Hearings
6 May 2021Draft Long Term Plan Hearings
7 May 2021Draft Long Term Plan Hearings
25 May 2021Draft Long Term Plan Deliberations
25 May 2021Draft Long Term Plan Deliberations


7 September  2021Waimakariri District Council
15 September 2021North East Rangiora Development Hearing
21 September 2021Audit and Risk Committee
21 September 2021Utilities and Risk Committee
22 September 2021Stockwater Race Bylaw Review Hearing
28 September 2021Waimakariri District Council Extraordinary Meeting


5 October 2021Waimakariri District Council
6 October 2021Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
11 October 2021Woodend-Sefton Community Board
12 October 2021Representation Review Hearing
13 October 2021Rangiora-Ashley Community Board
14 October 2021Dangerous, Affected and Insanitary Buildings Policy Review Hearing
18 October 2021Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board
19 October 2021District Planning and Regulation Committee
19 October 2021Community and Recreation Committee