Oxford Town Centre

The Council is looking at future possibilities for the Oxford town centre.

Our vision for Oxford town centre

The Oxford town centre is vibrant, inviting, accessible and safe, with attractive buildings and spaces that reflect the unique character of Oxford, and facilities and open spaces that are well integrated into the heart of the town and strengthen the community.

Oxford town centre community meeting

An Oxford town centre public meeting was held in February 2014 to launch the project. Attendees provided ideas for short and longer term opportunities for the Oxford town centre which were used to help inform a draft Strategy.

Between 10 May and 10 June 2014, the Council sought feedback on a draft Oxford Town Centre Strategy. We wanted to hear your views about the future of the centre. A total of 16 submissions were received, most of which showed great support for the directions signalled. Some amendments were made to the final strategy following public consultation.

Oxford Town Centre Strategy

The Council adopted the Oxford Town Centre Strategy  on 5 August 2014. The development of the Strategy was overseen by the Oxford-Eyre Ward Advisory Board and sets out a vision, key themes that contribute towards achieving the vision, and specific strategic directions that help to secure the future of this centre.

In summary, the three themes and strategic directions are:

Business and built environment

  • Protecting character: design guidance for Oxford town centre
  • Providing for growth: town centre business land
  • Increasing business stock

Access to and within

  • Enhancing Main Street environment
  • Providing parking opportunities
  • Maintaining a safe and effective transport network

Facilities and open spaces

  • Developing Pearson Park
  • Linking Main Street: a continuous frontage
  • Providing community facilities

Implementation planning is underway. Stay updated with progress by keeping your eye on this page, including research and resources added below.

Oxford town centre research and resources

The following documents make up some of the background and information being considered during the development of the Oxford Town Centre Strategy.