2011 Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan

The 2011 Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan

Implementation of this plan is now largely completed, and the Kaiapoi Town Plan: 2028 and Beyond has been formerly adopted by the Council.  Below you can find an archive of updates and background information from the 2011 Plan.

The Council adopted the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan (pdf, 2.2 MB) in June 2011 after significant community input into its development. The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan provides a framework to rebuild, redevelop and revitalise the Kaiapoi town centre and respond to issues faced both prior to the September 2010 earthquake that hit Canterbury and had a devastating effect on the Kaiapoi town centre and especially as a response to it.

The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan identified issues that needed to be addressed and set out a vision for the future. It outlined a number of projects that helped achieve the vision and shape the future of the town centre. Collectively, the projects indicated the future directions for managing the restoration and redevelopment of the town centre. In brief, the eight core projects involved:

  • The Williams Street Bridge - emphasise river and enhance connectivity between north and south
  • The (former) Bridge Tavern Site - create additional town centre landmark and key attraction along river
  • Williams Street North Redesign - provide attractive street environment and public space and define entrance
  • Raven Quay West - provide easily accessible riverside/town centre interface on south bank
  • Williams Street South Redesign - enhance street environment and identify southern entrance
  • Street Improvements - improve intersections, improve on-street parking and enhance street environment
  • Design Principles for Western Precinct - identify principles for good urban design for this area's development
  • Design Guidelines - identify design principles for new buildings and spaces in town centre.

2011 Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan updates

Williams Street work

Work to upgrade the Kaiapoi town centre was completed in May 2016.

The work involved installation of a new water main on Williams Street, between Raven Quay and the railway line, and on Hilton Street near the roundabout, reconstruction of the road, kerb and channel, new footpaths, landscaping, street lighting and improvement of the southern entrance to the town centre.

Charles Street roundabout and streetscape design

This area of roading was destroyed during the earthquake on 4 September 2010. The underground services have been repaired and restored, a new roundabout and roading has been constructed and the surrounding footpaths and road crossings have been repaired.

Kaiapoi Library, Service Centre, Museum and Art Space

The Kaiapoi Library and Service Centre was irreparably damaged during the earthquake on 4 September 2010. A new building has been built to house the Kaiapoi Library and Service Centre, with new separate spaces included for a Museum and Art Space. The building was officially opened on Saturday 17 January 2015 and has been named the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre. The Museum part of the building opened on 5 September 2015.

Kaiapoi pensioner units - Ranui Mews

Twenty-five new pensioner units (21 single and 4 double units) have recently been built between Williams and Hills Streets to replace the units that are located on red-zoned land in Hilton Street and Raven Quay. The units were officially opened on Thursday 12 June 2014. View photos of the opening in Flickr.

Trousselot Park recreation precinct

A new park designed to appeal to people of all ages has been constructed in Kaiapoi. It features a skate park designed by skateboarders for skateboarders, half basketball court, young children's play area, youth play area, plaza area with seating and a toilet block. The park was opened in December 2014.

Raven Quay and footpath

This area of road and footpath at the corner outside Blackwells Department Store has been resealed.

Raven Quay shared space

The road and footpaths outside the new Kaiapoi Library and Service Centre have been constructed as per the Raven Quay streetscape design (pdf, 579.9 KB).

Williams Street bridge improvements

The Williams Street bridge has been redesigned to form part of the wider programme of connectivity around the Kaiapoi Town Centre and the Kaiapoi River.  A new feature on the bridge is the timber wave boardwalk and paved footpaths. The new footpaths reflect the river environment and the boardwalk has been fitted with seats and planter boxes.

Riverview Development (previously known as Hansen's Mall)

Previously Hansen's Mall, this land is currently under development. The plan for this site is for a 1300 square metre boutique shopping and hospitality precinct, that is intended to optimise the river views and create a vibrant riverside destination.

PLC House

PLC House is a brand new complex in Kaiapoi's town centre, located on the corner of Williams and Charles Street (previously the site of the original Post Office) and the building was completed in late 2015. Downstairs contains the Enterprise North Canterbury Business Centre. This centre has meeting rooms, a conference room and drop-in workspaces.

Kaiapoi Marine Precinct

More information on Kaiapoi Marine Precinct progress can be found here.

Kaiapoi Town Centre research and resources

In developing the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan, the Council undertook and reviewed large amounts of research and existing information relating to the town centre, ranging from community and business surveys, traffic and parking studies, retail and urban design assessments and more. The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan built on the Kaiapoi Town Centre Revitalisation Plan which had been under development since 2008 (up until the September 2010 earthquake).