District Development

The Waimakariri District Council has now released the Waimakariri District Development Strategy (DDS) ‘Our District, Our Future – Waimakariri 2048’, which guides the District’s anticipated residential and business growth over the next 30 years.

The Waimakariri District is one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand. Up to 15,000 houses may be needed to accommodate population change over the next 30 years, together with business, infrastructure and public facility requirements. We need to ensure growth is well planned, integrated and sustainable.

The strategy forms part of the ongoing process to ensure that growth management, within the Waimakariri and Greater Christchurch context, is current and forward looking.

It centres around seven key strategic themes being the environment, growing communities, rural areas and small settlements, connections, economy, centres and community spaces and places. It is designed to act as a broad statement of direction to inform more detailed decision-making.

The strategy has had significant community input, both in the preparation of a draft strategy, and the formal consultation process which occurred from July to August 2017.

Directions signaled in this draft Strategy were also underpinned by environmental and cultural constraints and opportunities, expert advice, and background reports. A list of relevant background reports is provided below.

Key Strategic Themes

Background Documents

A number of background documents and expert reports helped inform the draft Our District, Our Future – Waimakariri 2048, District Development Strategy.

Note: Keep an eye on this list as we continue to upload relevant reports as they are being finalised.

Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy and Action Plan 2007

This Strategy provides the primary strategic direction for the UDS area and establishes a basis for all organisations and the community to co-operatively manage growth

Canterbury Regional Policy Statement 2013

The Canterbury Regional Policy Statement 2013 provides an overview of the resource management issues in the Canterbury region, and the objectives, policies and methods to achieve integrated management of natural and physical resources. The methods include directions for provisions in district and regional plans

Land Use Recovery Plan 2013

The Land Use Recovery Plan sets the policy and planning framework necessary for Greater Christchurch to rebuild its metropolitan communities following the Canterbury earthquakes

National Policy Statement Urban Development Capacity 2016

The National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity 2016 sets out the objectives and policies for providing development capacity under the Resource Management Act 1991

Sub-national Population Projections

A summary of the projected population of regional council, territorial authority, and Auckland local board areas within New Zealand, based on different combinations of fertility, mortality, and migration assumptions

2010 Waimakariri District Development Outlook Report

This report provides background information relating to District development, an overview of the current situation and an indication of the work with which the Waimakariri District Council will be involved in, in the short to medium term

Rangiora Town Centre Strategy 2010

The Rangiora Town Centre Strategy provides a decision-making framework which the Waimakariri District Council will be able to use to make positive changes to the Rangiora town centre from now until the year 2020 and beyond

The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan: 2028 And Beyond

The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan - 2028 and Beyond promotes a vision of a vibrant Town Centre that embraces the river, attracts visitors and new businesses and creates enjoyable public spaces.

For the first time, it also includes Masterplans for the Mixed-Use Business Areas which provide us with an exciting opportunity to shape the future of the Town Centre. We believe Kaiapoi will become a destination; a place to live, shop, dine and relax.

Activity On The Kaiapoi River: Process & Approvals Guides

This document provides guidance for those considering projects such as canal boats, house boats or commercial activity on the Kaiapoi River. 

The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan - 2028 and Beyond identified investigating such opportunities as one of  25 key projects.

Waimakariri Local Economic Development Strategy 2012

The Strategy provides a decision-making framework for economic development. It clarifies the Council's roles and responsibilities in enabling and providing for a prosperous local economy

Woodend Pegasus Area Strategy 2013

The Strategy identifies four key themes (Connectivity, Business, Community, and Open Spaces) and a number of strategic directions

Oxford Town Centre Strategy 2014

The Strategy sets out a vision, key themes that contribute towards achieving the vision, and specific strategic directions that help to secure the future of this centre

2015 Community Survey

The 2015 Community Survey explores the attitudes of Waimakariri District residents about aspects of their community and environment

Waimakariri District Plan

The Council is required to have a District Plan prepared under the Resource Management Act 1991.  To manage the issues outlined in the plan, a number of objectives, policies and methods, including rules, have been developed which relate to land use and subdivision

Resilient Greater Christchurch

The Resilient Greater Christchurch Plan covers built and economic environments, human and social environments, and natural and hazard environments. It enables city and district leaders to work together to enable and empower our communities to face the future with confidence

Waimakariri Land and Water Solutions Programme

The Land & Water Solutions Programme is a collaborative project led by the Waimakariri Zone Committee to encourage community input on how to achieve better outcomes for water

Waimakariri Long Term Plan 2015 - 2025

The Long Term Plan is a comprehensive statement of the Council's intentions for the next 10 years

Waimakariri Annual Plan 2017-18

The annual plan contains proposed changes to the work programme and budgets and key considerations for the Council to address during 2017 / 18

Waimakariri Towns Directions for Residential Growth   1997 – 2016

This document sets out directions for growth in Waimakariri District

Waimakariri Residential Red Zone   Recovery Plan 2016

The Recovery Plan sets out the agreed long term uses for the residential red zone areas of Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki

Kaiapoi Town Centre Business and Land Requirements

An economic assessment of the Kaiapoi Town Centre with a specific focus on quantifying the future business land requirements of the town

District Development Strategy Early   Input Consultation Document 2016

The document that introduced the District Development Strategy and sought feedback

Summary of feedback early engagement doc

A summary of feedback gained from submissions to the District Development Strategy Early Input Consultation Document 2016

Population Paper – Waimakariri 2048

This background report provides information regarding the population trends of the Waimakariri District (both at a historical level and projections moving forward out to 2048), and forms a basis for the growth directions and recommendations outlined in the District Development Strategy

Our Environment Situation Analysis Report District Development Strategy

This report sets out a number of findings in relation to environment criteria such as: water quality and quantity; significant natural areas and indigenous biodiversity; air quality; contaminated land; and natural hazards

Situation Analysis Report for Rural and Small Settlement Areas

This report sets out a number of findings relevant to rural areas and small settlements such as: activities in Rural Zones; lifestyle development; small settlement development; rural character; and public facilities provision

Woodend Key Activity Centre Role Assessment Update

This report provides a recommendation as to the appropriate location and size of the Woodend Key Activity Centre

District Development Strategy – Growth Options Assessment Outcome Summary 2017

This report summarises the methodology and outcomes of the growth options assessment undertaken for the District Development Strategy project

CBRE Business Land Report Office and Industrial 2012

This report is a current and forward looking assessment of the needs for office and industrial business land in the Waimakariri District

District Development Strategy Transport Futures Paper 2016

This report explores possible changes to the way we connect, including a much higher use of digital connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and electric vehicles, and what this means for transport in the District

Customer Satisfaction Survey Findings 2016 The Waimakariri District Council Customer Satisfaction Surveys report what the district’s residents think about the services and facilities the Council provides for them and other relevant Council activities. 

Waimakariri District Council Research and   Monitoring reports

Various Council reports covering the state of the Waimakariri District

Waimakariri District Council Strategies and Plans

Various Council strategies and plans covering the Waimakariri District

Waimakariri District Development Strategy Retail Assessment 2017 A retail market assessment of the District’s current and future retail environments.
National, Regional, and Local Planning Drivers Report A report providing the context for the draft District Development Strategy in light of critical national, regional and local planning drivers

District Development Strategy Business Land Research

This report provides expert advice on supply and demand for Business 1 (commercial) and Business 2 (industrial) business land markets including large format retail and businesses occurring in the Rural Zone
Rangiora Population and Housing Demographics April 2021A report collated in April 2021 to help inform Structure Planning work that outlines relevant Population and Housing Demographics for Rangiora

Links to Other District Development Work Streams

The Council has also already adopted a number of related Strategies to assist us to plan for the future growth of particular areas within the District or District development topics. The following provide links to related project webpages.