Council Tenders

Current tenders are listed on this page when announced.

Unless otherwise specified, current tenders can be viewed and tender documents can be downloaded from TenderLink. Waimakariri District Council’s Tenders, Requests for Proposal and other commissioning requirements are now advertised and managed through this portal:

Free Supplier Registration

We invite current and potential suppliers of goods and services to register for free, and use the portal to view and monitor any current tenders or Requests for Proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and commonly requested topics are available from the “Support” menu on our TenderLink portal.

Civil  Work s Prequalification

The Waimakariri District Council has established a prequalification list for the procurement of Civil Works. This List current covers thirteen categories of Civil Works, which are as follows:

  1. Traffic Management
  2. Drilling / Thrusting / Ploughing
  3. Welding / Fabrication
  4. Hydro-Excavation
  5. Service Location / Radar Location
  6. CCTV inspection of Pipes
  7. Sucker Trucking
  8. Earthworks and Bulk Fill
  9. Landscaping, Paving and Street Furniture
  10. Road Improvements, Kerbing and Road Drainage
  11. Minor Surfacing
  12. Gravity Systems
  13. Pressure Systems

Further information on the types of activities covered by these categories can be found in the WDC Civil Construction List – Work Categories file.

The intent is for all suppliers who provide the work covered by the above categories to be prequalified in order to undertake the work, which will streamline the tendering process.

While suppliers will have the opportunity to prequalify as part of an open tender process, it is strongly recommended that they prequalify ahead of time.

Contractors are able to make a prequalification application using the relevant form above, and by returning it to the email address on the form.”