Waimakariri District Council plays an important role in helping to manage the growth and minimise the harm of gambling in the community, while enabling people to use gaming machines and TABs if they wish to do so.

Gambling Venue Policy

The Council has developed a Gambling Venue Policy after carrying out extensive public consultation, which outlines rules and regulations on gambling in the district.

The policy explains whether new venues may be established in the district, and if so, where they may be located. For Class 4 venues, the policy specifies the number of gaming machines that may be operated at a venue.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) still has overall responsibility for licensing gambling venues. Council consent must be obtained before an application can be made to the DIA for a venue licence.  We are responsible for considering applications and issuing consents for gambling venues that comply with our policy.

Our policy objectives are to:

  • Control the growth of gambling
  • Prevent and minimise the harm to the community caused by gambling, including problem gambling.
  • Control the growth of electronic gambling machine gambling in the district.
  • Allow those who wish to participate in electronic gambling machine and TAB gambling to do so, safely and responsibly, within the district.

There is a district-wide cap of one gambling machine per 120 people aged 18 years old or older to be used as a guideline to limit any increase in machine numbers.

The Gambling Act 2003

The Gambling Act 2003 requires all councils to adopt a policy for Class 4 (gaming machine) venues and New Zealand Racing Board venues (TABs).