Alcohol Licensing

There are a number of legal obligations that your business or group must meet if  you wish to serve or sell alcohol in the Waimakariri District.

Object - Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

The sale, supply and consumption of alcohol should be undertaken safely and responsibly, and the harm caused by the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol should be minimised. The Council believes the key to achieving the object of the Act is in the promotion of responsible attitudes of both licensees and the public in achieving a mature approach to alcohol consumption.

Our aim is to ensure people in the Waimakariri area enjoy a safe and enjoyable environment whilst visiting our District’s licensed establishments. This requires everyone working together and complying with the spirit of the Act.

If you want to sell and supply alcohol, you must hold a current alcohol licence. Find out from the table below about the different types of licence including how to apply for a licence, or renew or change an existing licence.

On licence

This allows the sale and supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises.

Off licence

This allows the sale and supply of alcohol for consuming elsewhere.

Club licence

This allows the sale and supply of alcohol for consumption on the club premises to club members, their guests and members of clubs with reciprocal visiting rights.

Temporary authority

If you are thinking of purchasing a business that currently has an existing licence, a temporary authority allows you to operate the business while your application for a licence is being processed.

Special licence

A special licence is required if a member of the public wishes to hold a function where alcohol will be sold.

A special licence is also required for sports clubs and other clubs who hold a club licence, but intend to hold an event such as a 21st birthday party, wedding etc.

Holders of on licences wishing to extend their hours and/or licensed area in order to host an event or function also require a special licence.

Manager's certificate

This allows you to manage licensed premises.

Alcohol licensing fees and charges

Alcohol licensing fees and charges are listed in this section.

Pre-application and lodgement meetings

Discuss your proposed new premises with a Licensing Inspector before applying for any new licence or a variation to a licence.

Changes to your business

Some changes to your business may need a variation to your licence conditions.

Renew your licence

Find out when and how to renew your alcohol licence.

Local Alcohol Policy

The Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) came into effect on 13 March 2019. The LAP covers the maximum trading hours for on licences, off licences, club licences and special licences. It also includes controls on the location of new off licence premises.

Alcohol Control Areas

Our district has a number of alcohol control areas. The Waimakariri District Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018 includes information on the alcohol control areas as well as the maps.

Seasonal alcohol control areas:
Murphy Park

District Licensing Committee

The Waimakariri District Licensing Committee is appointed to administer the Council's alcohol licensing framework.

Objecting to an alcohol licence application

A person may object to the grant of a licence only if he or she has a greater interest in the application than the public generally.

What the law states about age restrictions in licensed premises

Age limits for people allowed at licensed premises.

Holding a party?

There are useful safety tips on planning and hosting a party on the New Zealand Police website.

Links to relevant legislation

Online training resource

ServeWise is a

free new e-learning tool for all sellers and servers of alcohol, or for people wanting to work in the hospitality industry.

Annual reports to Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority