Kaiapoi Community Hub Proposal

We’re exploring making land available in Kaiapoi South for a community hub.

Community hubs are flexible spaces that can be used for different recreation, arts and hobby activities, and social and cultural activities. Council already has a community hub at Northbrook Studios in Rangiora.

Community hubs are important to the local community as they can provide an open and accessible space, with services and activities that enhance community wellbeing.

The proposed community hub site is on regeneration land on the corners of Charters Street and Courtenay Drive in Kaiapoi South.

We are currently at the very earlier stages of development with on-going discussions with residents as well as groups who are interested in being part of the proposed community hub.

Why are we developing a community hub?

We heard from a number of local groups that they need space for their activity in Kaiapoi.  They either don’t have a home or their current space is unsuitable.  Groups that could join a hub are typically not-for-profit organisations. Buying or leasing private land is not an option for them. The regeneration land in Kaiapoi South gives us an opportunity to make land available for a community hub.  Council would ready the hub site for buildings, and the hub groups would fund and provide a building for their activities.

What groups could be part of the community hub?

We are currently working with three local groups who have expressed an interest at locating at the community hub.

The Kaiapoi Croquet Club have been part of the Kaiapoi community since 1905.  Currently based at Murphy Park, their clubrooms and lawns suffered damage in the earthquakes.  The lawns have been repaired but a new clubroom is needed. At Murphy Park the clubrooms are located on the bank of the Kaiapoi River, and they sometimes flood.  The Croquet Club would like to have four new grass lawns and a new clubroom at the hub.

The Kaiapoi Menz Shed are currently located on Dale Street.  The Menz Shed provides a community space for mostly retired men to work on practical tasks, share skills, and socialise with others.  The current facility is now at capacity (with no potential for expansion) and a larger facility is required to enable them to grow their membership and expand the trades they offer.

Food Secure North Canterbury (FSNC) are a group of local organisations working towards food security.  Food security means that all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food.  As part of the community hub, they are looking to develop a base for one of their partners, the Satisfy Food Rescue Trust, who rescue and redistribute food to support other groups working in our community (such as foodbanks). FSNC are also looking to develop a welcoming space for education (e.g. cooking classes), community activities and meeting rooms. FSNC is not a social service provider and does not include any ‘food-bank’ type of activity.

What facilities could you expect to see at a community hub?

  • Workshops and craft/art studio buildings
  • Community meeting rooms
  • Buildings for education classes
  • Buildings for food storage
  • Clubroom buildings for recreation and leisure groups
  • Smaller sporting activities (such as lawn based sport)
  • Open green space, trees, and gardens
  • Car parking

What’s happening?

We have a lot of work to do before a community hub happens and this isn’t a done deal. It depends on community support for the hub, adequate funding, resource consent and the level of interest from community groups.

We are seeking some Council funding through the Long Term Plan 2021-2031 ($435,000). This would start the development of the hub and get the site ready for group buildings. We would also be approaching other funding providers for help and supporting hub groups to seek funding for their buildings.

Should the project get funding through the Long Term Plan we would then seek community feedback on a concept plan for the hub and undertake a resource consent process.

If you want to talk to us about the Kaiapoi Community Hub project, contact Rachel Thornton on 0800 965 468.

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