Proposed projects include sports and recreation facilities, a dog park, BMX track, Courtenay Drive roading and infrastructure, and Kaiapoi East roading and infrastructure.

Kaiapoi East New Road Link

Construction of the new road link , between Feldwick Drive and Cass Street, started on Thursday 1 February 2018. The works are expected to be finished by mid-August 2018.

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Kaiapoi Riverview Terraces, Boardwalk & Pontoons

The Kaiapoi Marine Precinct masterplan includes terraces on the riverbank in front of the private-led retail and hospitality development on the former Bridge Tavern and Hansen’s Mall site. A boardwalk will link the town centre to the riverside walkway leading south, and there will be a floating pontoon from the main town centre bridge to the wharf and a small pontoon at the east end of the rock wall (near the Coastguard building).

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Rowing Base at Murphy Park

Council is planning a permanent rowing base at Murphy Park, Kaiapoi. We asked for feedback about this proposal from Monday 16 April until 5pm, Friday 4 May 2018. The Regeneration Steering Group will consider all feedback at their 11 June 2018 meeting.

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Kaiapoi Food Forest

Through the community consultation for the Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan, the Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area allows for the opportunity for edible landscapes, such as a community food forest. The Kaiapoi Food Forest is located in the area by Cass Street, Meadow Street,Oram Place, and the new Feldwick Drive link.

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Dudley Drain Repairs and Enhancement

Work started in late March 2018 to repair and enhance Dudley Drain in the Kaiapoi West Regeneration Area and was completed late April 2018. Planting will be undertaken in May / June 2018. This work is part of the earthquake recovery repairs and is one of the key actions for Kaiapoi West in the Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan.

Information Notice - March 2018

Dog Park

Council will start the design of the dog park in the Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area later in 2018 and we’re keen to involve our local community with the design.  The dog park will be located in the new sport and recreation reserve south of Cass Street.

BMX Track

Council will start the design of the community BMX track in the Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area in 2018 and we’re keen to involve our local community, in particular young people, with the design.  The BMX track will be located in the new sport and recreation reserve south of Cass Street.

Kaiapoi East Infrastructure

A new water trunk main, new and replacement sewer mains will be installed and a new wastewater pump station will be built in the Kaiapoi East regeneration area. These works will provide a more reliable and resilient water supply and improve the reliability of the wastewater system.

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Courtenay Drive Roading Rebuild

The rebuild of the earthquake damaged parts of Courtenay Drive, Charters Street and Wyber Place within the Kaiapoi South Regeneration Area started in mid-January 2018. Courtenay Drive will be rebuilt on its current alignment with one lane in each direction, and have a shared path (for walking and cycling). Construction works were finished in May 2018.

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Courtenay Drive Infrastructure

Work began in early May 2017 to install two new wastewater pump stations adjacent to Courtenay Drive, along with 300m of gravity sewer, 400m of sewage pumping main and some stormwater pipes.

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