Resource Consents

When is a Resource Consent Required?

A resource consent is a formal approval required if your proposal or activity does not comply with a rule/s of the Waimakariri District Plan or the Resource Management Act 1991.  Resource consent is also required when subdividing your land.

The Waimakariri District Plan is created by the Council with the community input and legislative requirements under the Resource Management Act 1991.  It relates to the management of land use and subdivision within the district.  District Plan rules ensure that buildings and other activities within a zone are in keeping with the surrounding area and provide a reasonable level of amenity and privacy for neighbours.  The requirements in the District Plan cover things such as noise, retail activities, earthworks and the bulk and location of any buildings.

The Resource Management Act 1991 and the District Plan set out the matters the Council must consider when granting resource consent for different types of proposals. The Council needs to be satisfied that the effects on the surrounding environment and on neighbouring properties are less than minor.  Once your resource consent has been approved, it allows you to build (once building consent has been obtained) or use your land in accordance with the conditions of the decision of your consent.

Before you start any activity that may affect your neighbours, your wider community or the environment, please consider contacting the Waimakariri District Council and speaking with one of our Planning Officers regarding your proposal.

To contact a Council Planner visit the Pre-Application meeting page...