Certificate of Compliance

Under Section 139 of the Resource Management Act 1991

What is a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance is a formal confirmation from the Council that an activity carried out on a piece of land is permitted and/or is lawfully operating under the Council’s District Plan and will not need resource consent approval.

Anyone can apply for a Certificate of Compliance, and Council will produce a Certificate after a full assessment of the proposal has been done against all the rules of the District Plan. Council may request further information where compliance has not been clearly established. It is up to the land owner or person operating a specific activity on a piece of land to provide evidence that demonstrates how the activity is complying with the District Plan requirements.

NOTE: Once a Certificate of Compliance is approved and if the activity changes in the future, it is unlikely you will have protection under the original approval.

The applicant cannot apply, if:

  • The request for a certificate is made after a proposed Plan is notified; and
  • The activity could not be done lawfully in the particular location without a resource consent under the current Plan or proposed Plan.

Note: A Certificate of Compliance under the Resource Management Act 1991 is different from a Certificate of Building Compliance (or Code Compliance Certificate - CCC). Which is issued under the Building Act 2004 once all the building work is completed.


Council has 20 working days to process your application.

To apply for a Certificate of Compliance:

  1. Complete the application form and sign.
  2. Provide a description of the activity and the site operating from.
  3. Provide evidence the activity is/ will be lawfully established and reasons why the activity will not need resource consent approval.
  4. Provide a site plan showing the location of the activity and the associated buildings, boundaries, car parking, signs, etc
  5. The application fee (this can be invoiced). Please refer to Council’s fees and Charges

To submit your application




Private Bag 1005, Rangiora, 7440

Or handed:

To Council staff at Rangiora Service Centre, 215 High Street, Rangiora.