Operative District ePlan

The District Plan is available as an ePlan, in digital (electronic) format.

In the ePlan you can type in the address of your property and view relevant planning information, rules and policies that apply to your land.

You can also read all of the District Plan chapters and view the planning map of the entire District.

View the Operative ePlan

The Operative Plan is the current plan which was made operative in 2005.

View the Proposed ePlan

We’re updating the District Plan to ensure it enables economic and residential growth, while protecting the things that make Waimakariri special.

The Proposed ePlan is the new District Plan the Council wishes to adopt following the submissions period and legal proceedings.

The Proposed District Plan is currently open for public submissions until 5pm on Friday 26 November.

Click for more information about the Proposed District Plan and how to have your say.